“It’s hard to describe to people what the Second Amendment really means.”

“My dad, four of my brothers, myself and my sister all served in the military. My dad and one brother served first. Then me and my three brothers served a tour of duty in Iraq from 2004-2005. Then my sister went.”

“I saw firsthand what evil really looks like. I saw what tyranny does first hand. I saw what losing the ability to stand up to your own government does: There were literally mud huts across the street from Sadaam Hussein’s palaces.”

“So when you see something like that you don’t think of the Second Amendment in terms of just being able to hunt. It’s about the preservation of freedom more than anything else. And once you compromise on that right you just keep giving and giving and it never stops.”

“But when you listen to some Republicans talk about the Second Amendment there is an old-guard mentality of ‘I’ve got my shotgun, I go bird-hunting, so I’m pro-Second Amendment.’”

“But they’re kind of missing the point.”

“I’d like to see Idaho leading the way in new measures to protect the right to keep and bear arms to an even greater degree than the federal government. The purpose of a Second Amendment protection at the state level is to say, ‘We don’t allow the federal government to come in and do this. We are not going to allow you to enforce some of these infringements on the Second Amendment.’

“We need leaders willing to stand up and say that. Until we get to that point – we’re just kind of sitting ducks.”

Greg Pruett
President, Idaho Second Amendment Alliance
Rigby, Idaho