Will Monks and Moyle sign The Pledge?

Will Monks and Moyle sign The Pledge?

Who are Monks and Moyle?

Rep. Jason Monks and Rep. Mike Moyle are elected members of the Idaho State Legislature.

Rep. Moyle was first elected to the state house in 1998 and has been the House Majority Leader since 2006. He currently represents parts of Canyon County and Ada County in Legislative District 10. Rep. Monks was first elected to the Idaho House in 2012 to represent Legislative District 22 in Ada County. He has been the Assistant Majority Leader since 2019.

Click here to ask Moyle to sign The Pledge. Click here to ask Monks to sign The Pledge.

Who is Citizens Alliance of Idaho?

Citizens Alliance of Idaho is an advocate for our shared Idaho values, regardless of party affiliation. That’s because all of our actions revolve around The Pledge: 10 simple commitments inspired by the Idaho State Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.

What is the Pledge?

When an Idaho lawmaker signs The Pledge, they promise to uphold the following:

Click here to learn more about The Pledge. And click here to see if your legislator has already signed.

Why the Pledge?